FGV Projetos plans, designs and conducts seminars, conferences and forums in Brazil and abroad, in all its areas of expertise, using innovative methodologies.

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  • 04 Jul 2018

    FGV Projetos, in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, produced the II International Legal Seminar – Higher Jurisdictions in the United Kingdom and Brazil, helded on 4 and 5 July, at the University of London, under the scientific coordination of the Vice-President of the Brazilian Supreme Court, Justice Dias Toffoli, and High Court Justice Luis Felipe Salomão.



  • 01 Oct 2015
    Urban Mobility; Smart Cities

    UrbanTec Brasil 2015 – “Smart Solutions for Better Cities” is an international conference about the best planning strategies, management and funding models for smart, sustainable urban development. Based on presentations of best practice cases from around the world, city mayors, administrators and planners can learn how to use technological and social innovation to create more efficient and inclusive cities.