• 01 Jul 2013

    On July 1st, FGV Projetos promoted an important meeting about neuroscience and its application in social processes. The Portuguese neuroscientist António Damásio, a specialist devoted to cognitive science and studies of the brain and human emotions, author of numerous books, articles and 5 best sellers, presented the challenges of neuroscience and its relevance for the evaluation of certain subjective and social processes.

  • 06 Mar 2013

    On March 6-8, 2013, São Paulo hosted the Neuromarketing World Forum, conducted by the NMSBA – Neuromarketing Science & Business Association, in partnership with FGV Projetos and its Neuromarketing Laboratory.

    The event brought together experts from around the world and discussed one of the latest trends: how neuroscience can be used in the business world to guide marketing and communications professionals to a new reality and learn about how the consumer’s brain works.