• 11 Apr 2013

    The Minister of Agriculture of Nigeria, Akinwumi Ayo Adesina, considered by the UN Secretary-General as one of the 20 major supporters of the Millennium Goals and a great enthusiast for combating hunger and poverty, met with directors of FGV Projetos and representatives of the Gates Foundation in São Paulo on April 11-12 to learn about the development model of agribusiness in Brazil and its expertise in the industry.


  • 04 Jul 2012

    On July 4, FGV Projetos, with the support of the ministries of Agriculture of Mozambique and Brazil, the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (Agência Brasileira de Cooperação – ABC) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária – Embrapa), held a seminar in Brasília on the launch of the Investment Fund in Agriculture for the Nacala Corridor project. On July 20 the seminar was held in Maputo, in Mozambique.


  • 29 Nov 2011

    The seminar Agribusiness in Brazil: Policies, Experiences and Perspectives, organized by OECD with FGV support, was the first of many projects to discuss and promote the exchange of policies, views and experiences of the different agricultural delegations from many different countries. FGV contributed with an overview of the actions and future prospects of Brazil in agribusiness.