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FGV Projetos is the FGV technical advisory unit in charge of using the academic knowledge generated and assembled at its schools and institutes. Their representatives provide high-level advisory services to public, private and third-sector institutions in Brazil and abroad, developing projects in different areas such as economics and finance, management and administration, and public policy.

The generated resources are invested in FGV teaching and research activities, thus contributing to the education of a new Brazilian technical and academic staff. To accomplish this goal, it counts on a whole team holding Master´s and Doctorate degrees.

For over 30 years, FGV Projetos has been gathering expertise, innovative methodologies and a team of qualified professionals with proven experience in promoting efficient management practices. The unit also seeks solutions to strategic issues to promote national development, always caring about social issues and knowledge sharing, both linked to economic growth and sustainability.

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FGV Projetos edits and acts in partnerships for the edition of special publications concerning diverse, relevant and current themes, aiming to contribute by disseminating knowledge.

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Cadernos FGV Projetos

Cadernos FGV Projetos

Studies and Researchs

Culture Series

Culture Series

Brazil gathers sizable investment opportunities in
(roadways, ports, and airports), education, health and safety that are very appealing to foreign investors. FGV helps investors identify the right business opportunities, organize the necessary legal information, and understand the local business culture. FGV’s unique competitive advantage lies in its expertise in the Brazilian economy, its track record in the market, and its offer of customized business solutions made to fit the specific needs of each investor.

When you think Brazil, think FGV.

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