Conceived by the Director of FGV Projetos Cesar Cunha Campos and written by Paulo Herkenhoff, Decio Vieira is the first book about the life and work of the important Brazilian neo-concretism artist. Stemming from research developed over two years, Decio Vieira brings together 200 images and presents the diverse phases and experiences of the artist, including his first exhibitions, friendships, lectures and influences, highlighting especially Ivan Serpa and Alfredo Volpi. The work values the initiative by the Fundação Getulio Vargas, which in the 1940s formed a generation of artists through the Advertisment Design and Graphic Arts Course, where Decio began his artistic career in 1946. Other than this, the book includes the unpublished article “Decio Vieira e o neoconcretismo: vigor e lirismo”, written by the art critic Frederico Morais, coordinator of the Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art courses while Decio lectured at the institution in the 1970s. 

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