FGV Projetos, together with the Agribusiness Center of the São Paulo School of Economics of FGV Foundation (GV Agro/EESP), has been at the forefront of major advances in Brazilian and international agribusiness. At the global level, FGV Foundation has worked together with the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and major international organizations to develop and implement economic and financial feasibility projects relating to agroenergy in several Tropical Belt countries. A number of technical cooperation agreements have been signed to facilitate work in this field, including partnerships between: (1) Brazil and the United States for the promotion and development of biomass energy in Central America and the Caribbean; (2) the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African countries to develop biomass projects; and (3) the European Union and Brazil for a feasibility study of biofuel and foodstuff production in Mozambique. As a result of these initiatives, 13 countries have already been the subject of feasibility studies for the development of more than 50 biomass projects related to ethanol, biodiesel, electricity, steam, and foodstuffs.  In this issue, FGV Projetos presents an overview of the current agribusiness scenario and its contribution to the world.  We trust that this publication will fulfill its goal of contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and guiding policies and strategies that lead to the enhancement of initiatives involving the sector.

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