FGV Projetos is the Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) technical advisory unit in charge of using the academic knowledge generated and assembled at its schools and institutes. Their representatives provide high-level advisory services to public, private and third-sector institutions in Brazil and abroad, developing projects in different areas such as economics and finance, management and administration, and public policy.

The generated resources are invested in FGV teaching and research activities, thus contributing to the education of a new Brazilian technical and academic staff. To accomplish this goal, it counts on a whole team holding Master´s and Doctorate degrees.

For over 30 years, FGV Projetos has been gathering expertise, innovative methodologies and a team of qualified professionals with proven experience in promoting efficient management practices. The unit also seeks solutions to strategic issues to promote national development, always caring about social issues and knowledge sharing, both linked to economic growth and sustainability.

Its recent 2012 South-South and Triangular Cooperation ─ Brazil and Mozambique for Biofuels Leadership Award, issued by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), indicates the international recognition for  its wide and consolidated track record, successful projects and experiences.


To further the quality of public and private organizations, and contribute to the country's development through the practical application of the expert know-how produced by and acquired in FGV’s schools and institutes.




Executive Director - Luiz Carlos Guimarães Duque

Technical Director - Ricardo Simonsen

Director of FGV Projetos in São Paulo - Irineu Frare

Director - Irapoan Cavalcanti

Director of the World Economy Center - Carlos Geraldo Langoni

Executive Managers

Carlos Oscar Aguieiras Lopes

Charles Correa Schramm

Edmundo Maia Oliveira Ribeiro

Fernando Naves Blumenschein

José Bento Carlos Amaral Junior

José Eduardo Quintella

Luiz Gustavo Medeiros Barbosa

Mauricio Wanderley E da Costa

Rosane Coelho da Costa

Sergio Gustavo Silveira Costa


André Luiz Mello e Silva de Lima Brandão

André Meyer Coelho

Baiena Feijolo Souto

Celso Noboru Ikeda

Eduardo Leal de Oliveira

Felipe Franca Schontag

Lincoln Kazuo Koyama

Manoel de Andrade e Silva Reis

Márcio Lago Couto

Maurit Pereira Fagundes

Otávio Mielnik

Pedro Buck Avelino

Silvio Campos Guimarães