Good perspectives for Brazil

Here are some highlights from the study about Brazil´s competitiveness profile.

The study conducted by FGV Projetos considered the analysis of 14 dimensions that  drive Brazil´s competitiveness, such as education, health, infrastructure, innovation, markets, agriculture and natural resources. In total, 224 indicators were analyzed, in order to generate a competitiveness map of the 558 Brazilian micro-regions. The report also includes an analysis of the vulnerability to exchange rate and fiscal burden of the 56 Brazilian economic sectors.

The main results are:

  • There is a regional disparity in Brazil, in terms of competitiveness.
  • The 14 dimensions considered to analyze Brazilian regions´ competitiveness included: "Basic Education", "Higher and Vocational Education", "Social Infrastructure", "Health", "Public Sector Performance", "Logistics", "Business Sophistication", "Innovation" , "Market Size", "Goods Market", "Labor Market", "Energy Resources" and "Agricultural and Extractive Resources".
  • The “Electronic and Communication Products” and “Tobacco” sectors are the most vulnerable sectors to exchange rate variations in Brazilian economy.
  • Concerning “basic education”, 40% of the higher ranked municipal schools are in Minas Gerais. In fact, one of its municipalities, Tocos de Moji, is placed the 13th in terms of quality of education, despite occupying the 3,784th position in the country´s national per capita income ranking.
  • The city of São Paulo is at the head of the ranking being the most competitive city, standing out on the "human capital" area, which included the variables "basic education" and "higher and vocational education".
  • Social disparities are generally higher among the poorest states, with the exception of the Distrito Federal, which  leads the ranking. Its income  at the top of the pyramid is 22 times larger than income at the base of the pyramid. The average income gap in the rest of the states varies from 16 to 19 times.
  • A new phenomenon has reached Brazil: an increasing number of young people who are neither employed, nor in education or training (NEET). The 5 micro-regions located in the North and Northeast of the country that had the higher proportion of NEETs were Traipu (AL), Rio Negro (AM), Serrana do Sertão Alagoano (AL), Itapecuru Mirim (MA) and the northeast of Roraima (RR).


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