Seminar Intelligent Cities: Financing, Governance and Planning

27 May

On May 27, FGV Projetos held in Rio de Janeiro the Seminar “Intelligent Cities: Financing, Governance and Planning”, which gathered representatives of local governments, fostering bodies and public and private institutions in order to encourage and establish the debate on the financing and project management models for intelligent cities.

State representative, Aspásia Camargo; the mayor of Angra dos Reis, Conceição Rabha; the secretary of urbanism and urban mobility of Niterói, Verena Andreatta; the secretary of planning of Búzios, Alice Passeri; the chief operating officer of the Center for Operations of Rio de Janeiro, Pedro Junqueira; among other authorities and specialists, participated in the debates.

Cesar Cunha Campos, director of FGV Projetos, opened the event by drawing attention to the accelerated process of urbanization in Brazil, which brings negative impacts such as congestion and high levels of urban violence. Next, Carlos Augusto Costa, deputy market director of FGV Projetos, presented the primary results of the perception research performed by the unit in 64 cities with more than 200 thousand inhabitants, in 21 states of the country. According to him, less than one half of the interviewees is acquainted with the idea of “intelligent city” and the lack of qualified workforce is one of the primary barriers to implement activities in the sector – a fact reinforced by the statement given by Conceição Rabha, which criticized the lack of technical qualification in municipal governments. 

At the occasion, was launch "Cadernos FGV Projetos No. 24: Intelligent Cities and Urban Mobility".