Rio na Vitrine

24 Aug

With the approach of the major events of the 2014 World Soccer Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, the city will be playing the role of a world “window”. The secretary of Conservation and Public Services for the city of Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Roberto Osório, visited FGV to discuss the current phase of optimism and development in the city, and the opportunities, strategies and challenges that accompany these top events. The motivation of this seminar was to leverage ideas and the sustainable transformation that may be implemented and become positive legacies for the city and future generations. Some of the top authorities and entrepreneurs present were Olavo Monteiro de Carvalho, Hans Donner, Aspásia Camargo, Clarissa Garotinho, Lenny Niemeyer, Pedro Delamare, and the FGV Foundation president, directors and board members.