OECD Economic Survey of Brazil: Its Finding and Methodology

28 Oct

The FGV Foundation and the OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – hosted a debate on October 28 in Rio de Janeiro on the role of Brazil on the world scene, projecting the economic trends for the coming years.
The meeting, at the headquarters of FGV, discussed the latest economic research on Brazil – conducted by the OECD – from the standpoint of the 34 current member countries of this important international organization.
OECD economists Annabelle Mourougane and Jens Arnold presented the results of the research. It consists of an economic overview, published every 18 months, which identifies the main economic challenges facing the country under scrutiny, providing recommendations and an analysis of policy options for addressing them and seeking to boost economic performance on a sustainable basis.
The debate was led by FGV economists Renato Fragelli (EPGE), Paulo Gala (EESP), Vagner Ardeo (IBRE) and Richard Simonsen (Technical Director, FGV Projetos).
It was a unique opportunity for scholars in the field, opinion-formers, public-policy makers and the media to exchange experiences and the results of research, and to lay the foundations for future cooperation.