Launch of the Better Life Index in Brazil – OECD

09 Jun

Few days before the World Cup, FGV Projetos and the The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) held the event to launch the Better Life Index in Brazil. With the support of the unit, the interactive tool created by the OECD is now available in Portuguese, which enables Brazilians to rank and compare welfare requirements with other 35 countries worldwide. The event was attended by Pelé, Aldo Rebelo, minister of sports, Cesar Cunha Campos, director of FGV Projetos, and Anthony Gooch – director of public affairs and communications at OECD.

According to the minister, from initiatives like this, it will be possible to prepare a "wider, deeper and multilateral” diagnosis of our needs. And, from this point, to outline public policies to address and correct issues.”

With the indices generated by Brazilians until the moment, it is possible to verify that the major worry related to education, personal satisfaction and health requirements. Although the country is poorly ranked in many items, 80% of Brazilians declared that they are satisfied with their daily issues - a number above the average of the OECD, which is 76%.

For Cesar Cunha Campos, information like this will enable managers to realize the specific reality of each country. According to him, in the Brazilian case, even more accurate data is expected from the new version of the index, “in a country in which more than 100 million people have access to the Internet, but that do not necessarily understand the languages in which the tool was previously available” (English, Spanish, French, Russian and Germany).

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