Environmental Licensing and Legal Certainty Seminar

22 Aug

On August 22, in the headquarters of FGV in Rio de Janeiro, FGV Projetos and the São Paulo Law School of FGV (Direito SP) performed, supported by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ), the seminar “Environmental Licensing and Legal Certainty: Contemporary Vision of the Bench and the Public Prosecutor’s Office”. The event gathered together authorities of the Judiciary, Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Legislative, in addition to public and academic managers, in order to discuss the efficiency, effectiveness and agility of the environmental licensing process, against the challenges of the economic growth and Brazilian infrastructure expansion.

The lecturers were the minister of the Superior Court (STJ) Herman Benjamin, the Comptroller General of MPRJ Pedro Elias ErthalSanglard, the Deputy Comptroller General of Justice of MPRJ José Eduardo Gussem, the Representative of the State of Rio de Janeiro Aspásia Camargo, the legal advisor of the Environmental Protection Agency José Mauro de Lima O’ de Almeida, among other authorities.

The meeting was also attended by the director of FGV Projetos, Cesar Cunha Campos, director of the Applied Legal Research Center (CPJA) of Direito SP, José Reinaldo de Lima Lopes, and the team of researchers of FGV Projetos and Direito SP responsible for the research “Desafios e oportunidades do licenciamento ambiental de obras e atividades de significativo impacto” (Challenges and opportunities of the environmental licensing of works and activities with significant impact), which mapped the best practices of the licensing system in Brazil and pointed out its main challenges. The work, presented for the first time in the seminar, provided background information for the discussion.