Contract Signing Ceremony between the Brazilian Navy and FGV Foundation

06 Apr

“Brazil will soon no longer be the country of the future but the country of the present”.  This statement by Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, president of FGV Foundation, during the signing ceremony of the Agreement between the Brazilian Navy and FGV for the project of “Preparing a Methodology and Analysis of Budget Conformity and Projects for the Naval Base and Shipyard".

Present at the signing table were Fleet Admiral Arthur Pires Ramos, Director-General of Material of the Navy, Vice-Admiral Luiz  Guilherme Sá de Gusmão, director of the Navy’s Civil Engineering, and Fleet Admiral José Alberto Accioly Fragelli (RM1), general coordinator of the Nuclear Submarine Development.

Vice-Admiral Gusmão thanked the Foundation for its involvement and said that the two institutions are in alignment even in the mission of “working on the front line of knowledge”. The Admiral also said that this project will raise the country to a new “strategic level of security”. The Navy’s Nuclear Program first began in the 1970s. The procurement of nuclear submarines is a major step forward for the country’s economy, producing major benefits for all society.