Agribusiness in Brazil: Policies, Experiences and Perspectives

29 Nov

The seminar Agribusiness in Brazil: Policies, Experiences and Perspectives, organized by OECD with FGV support, was the first of many projects to discuss and promote the exchange of policies, views and experiences of the different agricultural delegations from many different countries. FGV contributed with an overview of the actions and future prospects of Brazil in agribusiness.
The workshop focused its discussions on Brazil and its socioeconomic achievements, and on its challenges and impediments in the growth of agribusiness and the biomass sector. The topics discussed included the Brazilian macroeconomic environment, its performance in agribusiness to date and the challenges encountered by those who intend to start business or establish policies.
The specialists present included OECD member Gregg Young, former president of Embrapa Silvio Crestana and the head of the UNEP energy policy area, Martina Otto.
Also participating were the director of FGV Projetos Cesar Cunha Campos, coordinator of GV Agro Roberto Rodrigues, professor of EESP Marcio Holland, FGV Projetos control director Antonio Carlos Kfouri Aidar, CPS coordinator Marcelo Neri and coordinator of FGV Projects Cleber Lima Guarany.